Col. Bill Boley, as he was known
was a first class ventriloquist and magician, as well as
a puppet and figure maker. Pictured on the right is a
figure made by Bill siting on a bench near his grave in
Hopkinsville Ky.
It watches over Bills grave year round and is cared for
my Bills wife Charlene.

I never had the opportunity to meet Bill, but I'm proud
to have a piece of his work in my collection.
This months item is a
Toby jug made by

Bill Boley.

This Toby jug is 8" tall
and 10" wide. The eyes
move side to side.  The
mouth moves with a pull
of the string located by
the handle.
This Months figure is "Frank" made by
Glen Rappold.
The head is cast by Mike Brose for Glen who
calls this figure his" Tribute to Frank Marshall"
and for good reason. Frank has that famous
Marshall look, right down to  the beautiful paint
and wig. He has self centring moving eyes and
a slot jaw.
Glen sells these figures on e-bay from time to
time. If your looking for a great figure you might
want to look on e-bay under " ventriloquist."
Frank is a great addition to my collection!!
Glen Rappold got his first Danny
O'Day puppet in 1963 at the age of 8
and started working professionally as
a Ventriloquist at the age of 15.
He began making figures in 1978,
and has been living and working as a
         professional Ventriloquist in        
   San Diego Ca. since 1981.
Glen is also a Magician and
accomplished guitarist, playing
Blues,Jazz, and Flamingo. He also
has a  black belt in Taekwondo.

Glen is truly a man of many talents,
and what my dad would have called
If you would like to order
your own Frank directly from
Glen, you can email him at:
Many people collect many different things - you name it someone out there collects it: stamps, coins
and comics, just to name a few. When I got back into ventriloquism, I started collecting vent
memorabilia.  It's great fun, and educational at the same time. I have collected vent figures, vent
dolls, advertisements, magazine articles, TV guides, toys, books, games and spoons, all with a vent
theme. It can get costly like any collection, but if you keep your eyes open you can find some great
deals out there. On this page I will be posting some different Items from my collection, as well as
other collector's pieces. If you have a collection with a vent theme please send me some pictures
with a description of your item  to post and share with my site visitors.
Send them to:
This months collection comes from
my friend and fellow vent
Lloyd Williams.

Lloyd gives much of his time doing
volunteer work as a vent and  clown.
He and his wife Mary are also  
members of the
Salvation Army.

I was fortunate to have the
opportunity to see Lloyd perform at
the Imperial Palace Hotel in
Las Vegas
Lloyd and Joe Kelly
( minus his mustache )
From left
T. J. (Texas Jack)
Francious, ("The Great Loverre")
T. Texas Snake, Mama,
Howdy Doody and Joe Kelly
Thanks Lloyd!
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Like Fred Maher, Finis Robinson not only
sold ventriloquist figures, and puppets of
all kinds.  He also offered a course in
ventriloquism. "The Modern Encyclopedia
Of Lessons In Ventriloquism"
complete with a pledge you were to sign
promising, among other things!  

" I will not sell nor loan out this course of
lessons so that these secrets can become
common property or exposed".
This is
Tom Chesty
Made by FINIS & CO.
( Talks from your coat pocket )
This little guy is quite unique in that I
have never seen a puppet like this
offered by ant other puppet makers.
The eyes will close when you lay
him down. The mouth would
operate by pulling the string
inserted threw the back of a coat or
shirt pocket.
Archie and Finis Robinson
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Some of the most fun and
inexpensive vent related
items to collect are old
magazine and news paper
articles, like this one from
Mechanix Illustrated
I'm not sure of the date. I'm
guessing some were around
the med to late 50's.

This is a great one that
shows the masters hands at
work, giving you a little step
by step making's of a
ventriloquist figure by the
most famous figure and
puppet maker of all times,
Frank Marshall !
If you would like to read this
article. Click on the images to
This is a Movie Lobby Card
from the movie,
"Stop Look and Laugh"

Paul Winchell was Billed on
the card as co-starring, but
was not in the movie itself -
he did the movie intro and
Paul and Jerry acted more
as guest celebrity viewers.

I purchased this lobby card
from April Winchell,
daughter of Paul Winchell.
She purchased it from a
collector and had it matted
and framed in 1994
I have a few Lobby cads in my collection,
all with a vent theme, of course.   They are still easy to find and in most
cases not expensive.
April's name was written on the
back by the framer.
This months item is something very
This little guy is Tommy Knots! Made
by the famous Frank Marshall
somewhere around the 1940's, he is
20 inches in height, and operates by
manipulations from inside the body
with a head stick, same as a full size
figure. The eyes are made of glass  
and do not move.

Frank Marshall started out as Frank
Marzalkiewicz, working for the father
and son team Theodore and Charles
Mack who made the original Charlie
McCarthy for Edgar Bergen in 1922.
After working there for a number of
years Frank bought out the business
from the Mack's changed his name to
Marshall and went on to become the
most famous figure maker in America.

He made the original Jerry Mahoney
and Danny O'Day and many others.
His figures were highly prized by
Ventriloquist all over the world. He
also made hand puppets and
marionettes. He died in 1969
Tommy Knots sold originally for
Today I've seen him for sale for up
to $2500.00 in mint condition.
You can find Marshall's today that
have been restored, but it's not
easy to find an all original Marshall
figure in mint condition
This months item is
Milton Bradley's
released in 1955

when I first saw this game I asked myself "What
does a game about a train have to do with Paul
Winchell and Jerry Mahoney? Answer: nothing at
all! This is a great  example of what they call
Take a product and paste pictures or the name of a
celebrity on it, and it will sell.

In 1955 Paul Winchell was at the top of his "GAME"
and the Milton Bradley company tried to cash in on
his celebrity by putting his name and picture on
the box cover.
Unlike the box cover which has pictures
of Paul, Jerry and Knuck the only
reference to Paul or Jerry  on the game
board  is they're names on the flags in the
center of the board.

If I had bought this game when I was a kid
I'm sure I would have felt ripped off.

But that's just my opinion!
In 1966 Paul Winchell broke away from Juro Toy
Company and started producing his own Jerry
Mahoney and Knuklehead Smiff vent dolls.
"Knuck" as he was often called is 24 inches long and
made of  hard vinyl.
Unlike the Juro Toy company version,
the Paul Winchell Knuklehead is a duplicate of the  
original Knucklehead, but smaller in scale.
The Paul Winchell version also stayed true to the color
of Knuckleheads painted on gray hair.
The Juro version had it painted dark brown.
The Paul Winchell Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead
Smiff ventriloquist dolls were sold only on the west
coast for a short time, which has made them rare and
hard to find.
This little guy is
Knucklehead Smiff
Jerry Mahoney's school chum and
vice-president of the Winchell
Mahoney Time Club.
On display with his pal
Jerry Mahoney
I thought I would finish off the year with
something very special, and very rare!
This is a copper halfpenny token with the
image of Joseph Askins, a famous
ventriloquist at the end of the eighteenth
century. His real name was Thomas Haskey,
born in Walsall in 1771.  Haskey was a
apprentice bridle and bit maker in Bloxwich,
before going into the King's army. It was
while serving in the King's forces, he lost the
lower part of his left leg. Haskey returned
home after his discharge and worked helping
potato farmers plant their crops using his peg
leg to make the holes to plant the potatoes.
It was at this time Haskey saw the
performance of James Burns, a local
Ventriloquist. Haskey was impressed and
began imitating him. In time Haskey started
doing small theatres in Walsall were he
became so well known that he was asked to
perform at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London.
Haskey changed his name to Askins and
made his debut on the London stage in 1796
as Mr Joseph Askins.
Mr Joseph Askins
The Celibrated Ventriloquist
During his first season at Sadler's
Wells in 1796 he had this token
He was sometimes called 'The man
with one leg and two voices'
He was also a very snappy dresser
complete with top hat and tails.
There are three different versions of
this token, all with the same face
but with three different back.s
Unfortunately there are some small
scratches on the date.
You can read more about Mr.
Askins in Valentine Vox's book
'I Can See Your Lips Moving'
This months figure comes from                       
Ventriloquist  Dave Boiano. This is his #1 main man    
Col. Hannibal L. Dickens
Dave created the idea for Hannibal years before he
was made, developing his character and voice.
Dave had become good friends with figure maker the
late Rick Price, and when Rick offered to make
Hannibal for him he jumped at the opportunity . " It
was great having my friend make my most important
figure for me"  Hannibal is a cast figure (magic sculpt
backed with fiberglass) He has moving eyes (not self
centering, Dave's personal preference) standard slot
jaw and Rick added moving eyebrows just for the
heck of it. " Rick was always keeping me updated as
to his progress; none of that waiting and wondering
like so many people go through when ordering a
custom figure" As you can see he is truly a beautiful
piece of artistry.
Dave is pictured here on the right
with his friend, and Hannibal's
creator Rick Price.
" I'd always hoped to have Rick
make me another figure some day,
but his too early passing was a
terrible loss for the art of figure
Col. Hannibal L. Dickens is a old
southern gentleman who
sometimes tells a tall tale or two.
He's also a very snappy dresser.
You can read more about Hannibal
and Dave's other friends
Rick Price
7/31/53 - 8/24/02
Thanks Dave!
This months item or items
comes from the collection of
Leslie McKinney.
Leslie is a master magician
who's first love was
Pictured here is his Rene
Figures. Renee Rene and his
craftsmen make Vent figures
and puppets of all kinds . They
have been used all over the
world and on TV for years.
The most famous being Bob,
used by Jay Johnson who
played Chuck Campbell, in the
popular  TV series "Soap"
which aired in the med 70's
Jay Johnson and Bob
Rene figures are noted for
they're large eye's which show
 well on stage.
Thanks Leslie!